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This used to be "Favorite Stuff" but I needed a place to link simple pointers to good products. The old Visitor's Guide to Natrona Heights, PA is still here under the original URL.

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Surge Protectors

Powerlink. Gotta love it--no online ordering but you can call an 800 number.
Lowell. High end audiophile with extra filtering but only two outlets.

Visitor's Guide to Rockville, MD: Things to do, places to go, where to live, shop, and dine in and around Rockville, MD

Halpine View Apartments in Rockville, MD

One resident's perspective.


Ten Ren in Wintergreen Plaza. Excellent selection of Chinese tea, and friendly service. Bubble tea too!
Rodman's Discount Supermarket. Twinings loose tea (okay, you know my priorities now), and a good source for Bogle and Kendall Jackson wines. A bit hard to find; it's on the corner of Randolph and Viers Mill behind the Dunkin Donuts.
Trader Joe's. I like the frozen meals and stir fry for one; also best prices on San Pellegrino and Glaceau Smartwater (makes good tea!). Tucked back in Federal Plaza next to the Dollar Store--you can enter from Rockville Pike, from Rollins Ave (alley between the new construction and the Shell station), or from backside from East Jefferson Ave.
Woodend Sanctuary for bird seed (10% off in Dec) and other cool naturalist stuff.


Tandoori Nights, Kentlands (Gaithersburg)
Light House Tofu & BBQ Yes, I know the blog is in Korean, but it's the only place you'll see a photo of the restaurant on the internet. This gem of a restaurant is hidden away from the road and not easy to spot. It's on the left if you're traveling from Rockville Pike toward Viers Mill, shortly after the traffic light for Ardennes. You'll love the tofu soup and barbeque.

Things to Do

Greek Food Festival at St. Sophia's in DC, 1st weekend in October
Greek Food Festival at St. Katherine's in Falls Church, VA, 2nd weekend in October

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