Educational Objectives
1996-1997 School Year

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English Continue to read quality literature of interest to the student.1
Continue to have the student write documents of interest to the student.
Continue to answer all of the student's questions regarding proper spelling.
Arithmetic Continue to expose the student to various concepts in mathematics and the application of numbers and arithmetic tools in everyday situations.
Science Continue to expose the student to concepts in science, engineering, and technology. Historically, the instructors have provided special emphasis on the scientific method of analysis and the application of skeptical thinking to evaluate claims of fact (tailored to the student's level).
Geography Develop further understanding of the physical and spatial relationships between land, sea, and air, and the distribution of plant and animal life on earth including man and his industries.
History of the United States and Pennsylvania Continue to describe the relationship between historical events and current events (or everyday experience) for cultural perspective.
Civics Continue to explain the rights and responsibilities of citizens to the student.
Safety Education Continue to instruct the student regarding issues of safety, including continuous instruction in the dangers and prevention of fires.
Health and Physiology Continue to emphasize good practice in exercise, nutrition, and hygiene. Physiology will be covered under biological sciences (above).
Physical Education Continue to provide opportunities for and encouragement of frequent exercise. Historically, this has included lessons in gymnastics, ice skating, and swimming.
Music Continue to provide opportunities for musical expression, and to expose the student to a diverse range of musical instruments and styles.
Art Continue to provide opportunities for creative expression through art and craft projects, and to expose the student to artistic works as opportunities arise.

1 In the past, our daughter has read stories such as Anne of Green Gables, A Wrinkle in Time, the entire Narnia Chronicles, and the entire Little House on the Prairie series.
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